Dr Randall S Perry

Astrobiology Society of Britain

From the origins of life to a human presence on other planetary surfaces, from the effects of asteroid and comet impacts on the Earth's environment to the search for life elsewhere, the field of astrobiology covers scientific questions and problems that require inter-disciplinary connections between biological and space sciences.

The Astrobiology Society of Britain, founded in March 2003, serves its members and the astrobiology community as a whole in the UK in fostering links between the various and many disciplines that comprise the science of astrobiology in order to ensure that astrobiology research in the UK is vigorous, progressive and successful. It seeks to provide a mechanism for members of the astrobiology community to meet, collaborate, make the community aware of UK astrobiology activities, and encourage new students and researchers into the field. It seeks to act as a professional society to organise and co-sponsor meetings and provide an environment favourable for the development of inter-disciplinary connections between biological and space specimens.

((source: www.astrobiologysociety.org)